Hottest Gifts of Christmas Past

Christmas is coming and it is time to start shopping. The only problem may be that you are not quite sure what you are shopping for. Making up your gift lists with all of the people you need to buy gifts for is one thing, but figuring out exactly what to buy all those people is another thing. Frankly, it can be hard to come up with Christmas gift ideas sometimes.

Here, though, is a blast from the past. These were some of the hottest Christmas gift ideas for the last three years. I suspect some of these gifts will still be top choices this year.


The Amazon Kindle

The Kindle ebook reader has been around for a few years, but every year this top selling eReader gets a little better with various upgrades and design changes. But this year is even better than the past years as there are now some new additions to the Kindle line as well as some price reductions. If you know someone who enjoys reading or travels a lot, this is a great year to buy a Kindle.

The biggest splash in the Kindle line is the Kindle Fire. This model is very different than the previous models in that it is a color version with tablet capabilities. The other new Kindle this year is the Kindle Voyage which utilizes a touchscreen for navigation yet still utilizes Amazon’s patented e-ink technology. Finally, there is a new basic version of the Kindle available for an entry level user, making it an affordable gift for many.

Angry Birds Merchandiseangry birds plush toy

In case you haven’t heard of Angry Birds, it is a very popular application game that is played on iPhones, iPads, Androids, etc. It isn’t a terribly complicated game, but it has become wildly popular amongst all ages. Adults, teenagers and even children (borrowing their parents electronics) all enjoy this game.

This year there is now a variety of Angry Birds merchandise available just in time for Christmas. There is a board game for children as well as a simple card game. There are also lots of t-shirts with Angry Birds designs available – best probably for a child, tween or teen. You can also find many of the Angry Birds characters available in plush toy versions.

Amazon Fire TV

This streaming player by Amazon isn’t brand new but some more recent competition has brought down the price making this a nice gift choice. Amazon Fire TV is a gadget that can be connected to your television to allow easy interfacing with online content from places like iTunes or Hulu.

So if someone rents movies from iTunes or NetFlix, this device will give them ability to streaming directly to their television. Since video rental stores are becoming a thing of the past, most people are starting to access movies and also TV shows through an online service. The Fire TV or its closest competitor (Roku) are a neat gift idea for a variety of people.

ereader for kidsLeapPad Learning Tablet

The LeapPad Learning Tablet is the newest release from LeapFrog, a leading maker in educational toys. The Learning Tablet is targeted to toddlers and preschoolers mainly and looks much like a computer tablet. Basically, you get all of the great educational products of LeapFrog in a new cool design that looks much like Mom or Dad’s iPad.

Like an adult tablet, this learning tablet runs off of applications or “apps”. This children’s tablet comes with a few apps but many more are available for purchase from LeapFrog’s website. Since this educational toy was released it has been a hot selling kids item and sure to be a bestselling toy for Christmas still (the updated version).

The iPad

Even though many competing tablets have entered the market this year and the price has not budged, the Apple iPad is still a top seller and high on many people’s wish list. That’s mostly because the iPad has all of the cool features that Apple is so good at providing while also offering the most versatility in the tablet market.

The lastest iPad version is the iPad Pro although the iPad Mini is also selling well. See a complete list of iPads and feature comparisons here. The base price on the iPad Pro is $599, which isn’t cheap but it is a great device. If you know someone dying for an iPad but don’t have the budget to spend, there are refurbished iPads available at a more affordable price. These can be purchased directly from Apple even.

Gift Cards

In my opinion, gift cards are a great gift idea for every Christmas, especially for teenagers and young adults. But in this day and age there are even more great gift cards available which make the idea seem a little less tacky or simplistic.

While I wouldn’t recommend a McDonald’s gift card for anyone except maybe the starving college student, a gift card to Panera or Starbucks is a nice gift idea for an office mate or teacher. An iTunes card is a nice gift idea for a teenager while a Kindle gift card is a great idea for an adult who owns a Kindle.

Those were a few of the top ideas for Christmas gifts in the past and most of these items are still popular gifts for Christmas this year. If you still are looking for ideas, you may want to check out the updated versions of these gifts.

Great Gifts for College Students

Sometimes coming up with gifts ideas for certain people is difficult. College students sometimes fall into that category.

Whether you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for a college student or graduation gift ideas, you can almost never go wrong with technology these days. Don’t believe me? See how many teenagers or college-age kids you can locate without either a cell phone or an iPod hooked up to their ears.

student gift ideas

Whatever the occasion, here are some great gift ideas for the college student in your family.


Tablet computers have become very popular and are a perfect gift for a student. The portability of a tablet makes it a great study aid for students to carry to class or use at the library. Plus they can load music and movies to enjoy during their downtime.

The iPad is the most popular tablet as it is a great product with great apps, but there are a few Android tablets out which are a bit more affordable.

Amazon’s new tablet, the Kindle Fire HD, is now available. This is the second version of the popular tablet from Amazon and I predict it will be a big seller this year. Much more affordable than the iPad. This is a great gift idea for a college student as they can read books, surf the net, listen to music, etc.

Portable Scanners – Great for library research

College students spend a lot of time in the library. At least, they should be.

When doing research or just comparing notes with fellow classmates, having a portable scanner could be a huge timesaver. A portable scanner allows you to scan any book or paper on the fly, saving an image for later use.

Imagine how much easier that college research paper would have been to write had you been able to scan all those library books for use at your dorm computer or laptop!

The the top portable scanner this year is the Vupoint Wand Scanner. Unlike other portable scanners which are sheetfed, the wand scanner can be passed over a book or document, making it perfect for college studies.

If you are looking for a practical and cool gift for a student, consider the Wand Scanner or the new oner with Bluetooth.

Gift Cards for the College Student- When You’re Just Not Sureamazon gift card

You can never go wrong with a simple gift card for a college student. At that age, didn’t you like to pick out your own things?

An Amazon gift card is probably the #1 choice of most students as almost anything can be purchased from Amazon. And as long as you give a minimum of $25, most things can be ordered with free shipping.

Another great gift card for this age group is an iTunes gift card. With it they can load up their iPod with all their favorite tunes.

Great Gift Idea for College Girl – Portable photo printer

This is a neat gift idea for a college-aged girl – a portable photo printer in pink. Now she can print here photos while at school for sharing or for scrapbooking. You can also buy a matching pink carrying case. The mobile printer by Polaroid also comes in black, blue and white.

eReader for Textbooks

Another great gift for a college student is Amazon’s Kindle Book reader. The Kindles having really come down in price over the years making it a great choice for Christmas.

College students can use a Kindle for general reading or for course work. They can also access magazines and newspapers to keep up with current events.

And the wireless capability will allow the student to download any books they need at a moment’s notice. Not that a college student would ever procrastinate, of course.

Netbooks for Students

A small laptop computer, better known as a netbook or notebook, is a great gift idea for college students. The small size and light weight make the netbook very portable for the student who is always on the move.


Top Electronic Gift Ideas

To help you come up with Christmas gift ideas, I have compiled a list of the top 5 electronic gifts for the year. Electronics make great gifts for teenagers and adults and most of these items would appeal to a variety of people on your list.

But if you need more gift ideas, please visit my recommendations on the hottest Christmas gifts which provides gift ideas for different categories of people – like best gifts for men, best gifts for woman, etc. I also found a great list of electronic gifts and more at

Here are my choices for the top 5 electronic Christmas gift ideas for this year.

ipod touch

Apple iPod Touch

The iPod Touch, or iTouch, is very much like an iPhone without the wireless connectivity. The iTouch is a multifunctional device that works not only as an MP3 player but can also run all of the popular apps from Apple. The newest generation of the iTouch now has a camera, something the first few generations were without.

The iPod Touch comes with different storage sizes, the cheapest being the 8 GB size. For anyone who doesn’t own an iPhone, these are a great alternative. Great gift idea for teenagers and college students.

The Roku 3

The Roku3 is a streaming player or a device that allows you to easily interface your TV to your online connection for streaming content. Online movie and music subscriptions can be accessed and played directly on the television of your choosing.

Since so many people now rent their movies online from places like NetFlix or Amazon, these streaming players have become quite popular. Even if you have a TV or other player that can stream content, at a good price, the Roku 3 could be a great addition to a second television. These are a hot gift for any TV or movie lover.

The Kindle eReaderkindle fire tablet

Amazon was the pioneer in the electronic book reading world and this year there is even more available. The new Amazon tablet called the Kindle Fire is the first color version of the Kindle and is a worthy competitor to the more pricey iPad. The Fire is a hybrid between a tablet and an eReader and has been selling like crazy over the last few years since its release.

Along with the addition of a color Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite is also fairly new. The Kindle Paperwhite is a bit lighter than the previous Kindle model and utilizes touch screen navigation as opposed to a keyboard. There is also a new “bare-bones” Kindle being offered for an even lower price.

The new Kindle models along with some price reductions have made the various Kindles a hot gift item for Christmas every year. Be sure to order early if you are interested.

The Garmin nüvi GPS

Why go through the annoyance of using a paper map or printing out online directions when you can have a GPS system in your car. Just plug in the address of where you want to go and the system will give you directions and tell you exactly where you need to turn to get to your destination.

The Garmin nüvi GPS is one of the bestselling navigation systems and has been selling well for the last Christmas or two. But the features of these systems keep getting better and the newest Garmins are small and portable. You can use it to drive to the city and then place it in your purse or briefcase to help you navigate the streets.

These GPS systems are a great gift for anyone who drives, but particularly nice for the frequent traveler. Not a bad idea for a teenager who recently got their license either.


The hottest gifts of this year will very likely be some sort of tablet computer. The last few years the iPad made a big splash including the iPad Mini, but this year there are many more options and most are more affordable. The Kindle Fire mentioned above will probably be the most popular tablet to be gifted this year as it has many cool features at a fabulous price.

But there are other Android tablets, some cheap and some not, that may make a nice alternative to Apple’s iPad. Windows-based tablets are also coming on the market. Likewise, if you know someone who already owns a tablet you may want to consider buying a tablet accessory as a gift. Things to consider would be a portable keyboard, a tablet stand or a nice carrying case.

I hope this list of the top electronics for  helps you with your gift ideas.

The Headband Game – HedBanz

Is it the Headband game, the Headbanz game, the Hedband game?

headband game

If you have seen this game advertised on TV, the proper spelling may escape you. The game is actually spelled Hedbanz, or more specifically, Hedbanz for Kids since there is an adult version also.

Okay, now that we have the spelling lesson out of the way, let’s look at this fun game. This game is targeted to ages six and up, but I actually think my five year old could play it also.

What exactly is this game?

Hedbanz is a fairly simple concept, but a great idea. The game comes with a stack of cards with pictures that represent either an some type of food or animal or some other common objects. Each player places one of these picture cards on their headband. The player cannot see what is on their card but everyone else can.

When it is your turn you need to ask the other players questions to try and determine what object is on your card. “Am I a food” or “Am I an animal” are probably good places to start. As you receive answers to your questions you must continue to ask more questions to try and figure out what your card actually is.

Of course the catch is that you are racing against a timer as you ask questions to try and determine what your card is. So you need to think fast and ask the right questions. Once you guess correctly you get rid of one of your chips. The first person to get rid of all of their chips is the winner!

Great for Family Game Night

Hedbanz is not only fun for kids, it’s also good for them. By having to try to figure out what card they have on top of their head, they are learning to use reason and logic. And because they are under the timer, they need to think quickly and learn how to ask the right questions.

The Hedbanz game is a great game for the family. Kids of all ages along with their parents and even their grandparents can play it together. It also makes a great party game as up to six people can play at once.

If you are looking for a new game for your kids or grandkids, be sure to check out Hedbanz. The game has already sold out with some online retailers so grab one for Christmas while you can.

Unusual Gifts – Black Diamond Earrings

Up until a few years ago, most people had probably never heard of black diamond earrings, rings, or other jewelry. Even today you won’t find too many people wearing these particular gemstones.

black diamond earrings

But black diamond jewelry has been becoming more and more popular. The reason for this isn’t entirely clear, but I imagine people just want something a little different. Many people have diamond jewelry, like diamond stud earrings, which kinda takes the fun out of it. Black diamond jewelry is different and neat look, especially for the younger generation. And as is true with clothing, black is always in.

So if you are looking for earrings and would like something a bit more unique, consider black diamond earrings. Check out a few jewelry stores and also check out prices and selections online.

A few tips for buying black diamond earrings

Buying jewelry online scares some people. The reason for that is that you can’t see what exactly you are buying. Jewelry is all about look and often times about sparkle, so how do you know you’ll be happy with a piece without seeing it first?

black and white diamond earringsThe easy answer is: you won’t. Anytime you buy online you take a little bit of a chance that the product you get won’t be what your are expecting. The only time that isn’t the case is when you can find the same version in a local store to look at before buying.

Okay, so why would someone buy jewelry online? I’ll give you two main reasons: price and selection.

When you shop online you can often find a better price that you would find locally. That holds true for jewelry also. And if you have ever shopped for jewelry you will know that every store seems to have a different selection. That makes it difficult to really decide what you want as you wonder if you like the earrings you saw in store 2 more than the earrings you saw in store. When you shop online you can have a few tabs open with all your favorites to decide on.

So before buying jewelry online I suggest you do visit a few local stores to see what you like visually. Keep a record of sizes and prices. Then go online and see what similar options are available and also what other options you may want to consider. By knowing what you like ahead of time you can make a better assessment of your online choices and decide if the price and quality will meet your expectations.

Black Diamond Earrings for Men

Black diamond earrings aren’t just for women! These diamonds are becoming more popular with men also.

A simple black diamond stud for the man with a pierced ear makes a great gift. The look of a black diamond is perfect for a man. If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for him, or a gift for any other occasion, consider black diamond earrings.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults

Adults aren’t always easy to shop for, unlike children. And some adults are tougher than others, like parents and grandparents who seem to have everything they need. So that’s why I came up with a list of ideas for some top gift ideas for those special (and sometimes difficult) people on your Christmas list.

gifts for adults

NetFlix Players for Streaming Video

Netflix is an online subscription service for video rental. But rather than receive a DVD in the mail (which Netflix is moving away from), you can stream your videos directly to your TV – less hassle, less waiting.

There are a few different ways to receive streaming videos. Some newer TVs are set up with the capability as are some blue-ray players. You can even use your Xbox or Wii to connect with Netflix. But not everyone has a Netflix-compatible device or at least not one on every TV and this is where a dedicated video streaming player can come in handy.

Check out the Roku. HD video streaming from your subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video. Access to free and paid channels through Roku like news and sports.

Board Games for Adultsadult board games

Board games are just for kids, many adults love board games also! While their are many board games that are great fun for the whole family there are also some games that require a little age and wisdom. Okay, maybe just age.

Adult board games are great for a Friday night get-together with friends or for group events like a church social. Sometimes you can really get to know people by how they play board games – the competitive ones are usually the most entertaining.

Lap Desk for Their Laptop or Netbook

One of the great things about using a laptop for the majority of your computer work is that you can sit anywhere in your house to use it. Some people like to sit on the couch and use their laptop and some people like to sit on their bed. But balancing a laptop on your legs, especially for extended periods of time, isn’t very comfortable or ergonomic. That is where having a lap desk comes in handy.

This small desk with a cushion on the bottom makes working on the couch, bed or elsewhere a lot more comfortable. Lap desks are particularly nice for teenagers and college students who often aren’t working at a desk.

Why Use a Laptop Desk?

Sitting with your laptop isn’t really good for you or your computer. First, the positioning of your arms and neck will cause fatigue over time. If you have ever worked for a very long period of time on your laptop you may have noticed a little soreness he next day. Second, your laptop can overheat as it rests on your legs. This isn’t good for the equipment.

A lap desk will help re-position your laptop so that it is in a bit more ergonomic position. This will help avoid strain on your shoulders and neck over time. It will also help your laptop to “breathe” a bit better although a lapdesk with a built-in fan will help even more.

best alarm clocksAlarm Clocks

Most of use don’t like getting up in the morning. So why not try to make it a little more fun? That’s where cool alarm clocks come in. It’s bad enough you have to be woken up each morning, you might as well do it with style and get yourself a cool alarm clock. Right?

And by cool I don’t necessarily mean stylish or funky, you could just get an alarm clock that does more that let off an annoying buzz each morning. There are also some neat alarm clocks for kids that can add a little spice to their rooms, or if they are very young, help get them interested in telling time.

Some have neat little features that make waking up a little easier. Others just look neat – a conversation piece. And others still have functions that wake up the dead (like a teenager) or gain the weary parent a few extra zzz’s (like the toddler clock).

Alarm clocks are a great gift idea. Pretty much everyone needs one but most people never think of buying something cool. That’s where you come in. Buy a gift that is fun, useful and a little different! And let’s not forget the travelers in the group! There are some great travel alarm clocks so you don’t embarrass yourself and show up late when you have a meeting away from home.

Okay, that was sort of a short list for now. But hopefully I gave you some new ideas. Sometimes with adults it is just good to think outside of the box a little before you start your holiday shopping.

Gift Ideas for Kids – Movie Merchandise

Back when I was a kid it seemed like you were lucky to have a new animated film to go see every other year. But nowadays the children’s movie industry has been pumping out movies like nobody’s business. Every month I see a new trailer for the latest kid’s movie on TV!

movies for kids

As a parent, this is good news and maybe bad news depending on how you look at things. And here is why.

Fun vs Expense

Some parents are happy to have ongoing entertainment opportunities available for their kids whether it be going to the theater or watching DVDs from home. Movies can be a fun and easy option for family time. Most kids will sit through a movie while going out somewhere can turn into chaos quickly.

On the negative of all these movie options is the cost. Not only do you end up paying for movie tickets or buying a DVD, but you often end up spending your hard-earned money on toys, video games, character t-shirts, etc. after the movie is over. The costs can add up!

Lasting Memories

But you cannot deny that all these movies make kids happy. And the unbelievable quality of something like a Pixar movie not only creates memorable characters for kids, I know a few parents who could quickly rattle off half the characters in Finding Nemo. Or The Incredibles (guilty!)

And that is why in the end, despite the costs, most parents are happy to purchase toys and other merchandise from some of their children’s favorite movies. Movies and certain movie characters will provide great memories for children long after they have grown up. Even if these toys eventually make it into a yard sale a few years later.

Don’t you still have good memories of movies you saw as a kid? I do.

pixar toys

Always a Great Gift for Kids

And despite what some people may think, movie toys and merchandise actually can have a pretty long shelf-life. I still see stuff on the shelves from movies released years ago. I think part of that is due to the popularity that movies continue to have once released on DVD. Great movies for kids will always have a new audience since there are always more kids.

The four year old who just watched Toy Story, a 15 year old movie, for the first time yesterday will be ecstatic to see Buzz Lightyear on a t-shirt as you are walking through Target or Walmart. Of course, all the sequels don’t hurt either.

For all these reasons, movie-related toys, games, and clothing will always be popular with kids. If you need a gift idea for a child, look to the latest movie release or just see what themes are popular in the Sunday circular. More often than not, you can never go wrong buying movie paraphernalia for kids.

Locating the Perfect Gift for Everyone

As we edge closer to Christmas, a lot of people will be searching around for the best gifts for kids or the hottest gifts for the year or the best gadget gifts, etc, etc.

Sometimes it is just difficult to come up with a unique gift idea. And sometimes you have to shop for people who either seem to have everything or seem to like nothing!

And if you are like me, shopping for all the different people on your list can quickly become a chore. Some people are just hard to shop for or you wait until too late to start your shopping and don’t have enough time to come up with some good gift ideas (yeah, that’s me again).

I figure, if I am going to spend time and money on a gift for someone, then I want it to be the best gift I can get. I want to make sure the recipient will be happy with my purchase. So for this year I am getting a head start on my shopping by looking around NOW for what I will think will be the hottest Christmas gifts. Because you usually can’t go wrong with the hot stuff.

last minute ideas

How to Find the Best Gifts of the Year

If you have no idea what to get someone and just need to get a feel for what is “hot” at the moment, there are a few quick ways to do it. I will share some of my got to resources to help you get started.

First, get the Sunday newspaper and go through the sale circulars. Items on sale at big box stores will help give you some ideas on what is popular. The ads from ToysRUs, Walmart, Target and Best Buy are some of my favorites to peruse. That covers stuff for both children and adults.

Second, check Amazon’s bestseller lists to see what people are buying. Bestsellers in Electronics or Toys is a good place to start, again, depending on who your target audience is. Amazon also has a Gift Guide that is very helpful for more specific ideas for a particular person in your life like “gifts for men” or gifts for moms”, etc. You can also shop for cheap gifts by looking at the under $25 list.

Quick & Easy Gift Ideas – When you are out of time

If you waited until the last minute to buy a gift or forgot about someone in all the rush, here are a few quick and easy gift ideas:

– Flowers
– A Gift Card
– A Gift Basket
– A Candle
A Donation in the Person’s Name
– Cash (best for kids)
– A Box of Chocolates

And by the way. If you have forgotten someone or waiting until the last minute, don’t tell them! Sometimes honesty isn’t the best policy and even a good gift can be ruined if the person receiving it feels like you didn’t put any effort into it. Remember, the best gifts are the ones where you put some thought into what a person likes or what they may like. No one wants to feel like an afterthought.

Buying Gifts on a Budget

Christmas is coming and it is time to start making up those lists. Whether they have been naughty or nice, you still will be buying them a present, right?

This year has been a tough one economically for many people, so I thought I would focus on some great budget gift ideas here. I have a few other pages set up that list some of the hottest Christmas gifts, but many of those items tend to be on the expensive side.

shopping on a budget

And even if money isn’t that tight for you, there are always a few people to buy for that require a lower budget: teacher gifts, office gifts, etc. Or maybe you have a spending limit within your family swap that you need to meet and need a few ideas for gifts under $25.

I usually find that having a big budget for a gift makes my choice easier. It is the smaller gifts that can take a little more creativity at times. But here are some general ideas to get you started.

Gift Cards

Personally, I love gift cards. I like getting them and like receiving them. Not everyone agrees, but I do think gift cards are a great choice for the tougher people to buy for like teenagers. That way they can pick out what they want.

Gift cards are also nice for the small gifts to your child’s teacher or bus driver. A $10 gift card to a local coffee shop or lunch stop is a nice way to say thanks without overspending.

Magazine Subscriptions

You can usually get a magazine subscription around the holidays for under $25. If the person you are buying for has a particular interest you can get a magazine in that area. Or just get a general news or entertainment one.


This is a fall back gift for many people and it can work for a lot of people. Try though to maybe find something a bit more unique than some candy from your local retailer.

Scratch-Off Lottery Cards

These can be a fun gift for coworkers for under $10. Buy a few scratch-off cards with a holiday theme and see if anyone wins.

Another great Christmas budget tip is to start early. One of the benefits of starting your Christmas shopping early is that you can usually save a few bucks by catching some good sales.

Here are a few tips to help you get some good deals on gifts.

1. Make your list early – make up a list of all the people you need to buy a gift for and start listing a few gift ideas. The earlier you get this done the better. Write down current retail prices of the gifts.

2. Watch for sales – check the Sunday circulars form local retailers and see if anything on your list is for sale. Don’t forget to check with online retailers also.

3. Big Sales – be ready for the big Christmas sales days – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check online deal sites and circulars a few days before.

4. Keep your receipts – if you bought something but find it at a better price later, buy the item at the lower price and return your first purchase. Or, if you purchased recently, some stores will give you a partial refund based on a competitors price.

Everything Related to Christmas

a1What do you expect when December begins? Just like children, a lot of people are looking forward to gifts and visits from special family members. Some are eager to go on a holiday where they will spend it with close friends and family. Then there are those people who gets excited with how they are going to transform their homes into something that says “it’s Christmas”.

Home decorating is always a part of Christmas whichever part of the world you are. When you open that box of Christmas tree ornaments, memories of all the delights of the season come popping out. All of your decorations, especially the handmade ones, can embody warm personal messages.

Making Your Own Ornamentsaa

Who doesn’t have a collection of special ones-your child’s hand print in plaster, a glued macaroni star, or an elegant hand-sewn Santa? Making your own ornaments gives you the pleasure of creation, lasting decorations for your tree, and treasured gifts for friends. If you do not have time to make your own, there are stores where you can find authentic and unique decorations which is not seen on every house.

Don’t Forget the Tree!

The most important element in house Christmas decorations are the Christmas trees. If you happen to simply have a small room or apartment to decorate, you will not need a massive Christmas tree. There are many of smaller sized Christmas trees who are designed for table tops. You could also have a potted one if you like.

You can also find the non-traditional Christmas trees which happens to be painted and also are meant for table decorations also. You will find them in several colorization like purple, silver, platinum, green, violet, bright white, or maroon and others. As long as you have that spirit in you, you will not have any problem creating a festive home for the holidays.

Decorating is part of the fun of Christmas. The lights, the colors, the smells all bring back happy memories of childhood and the excitement that Christmas time brings. It is a great time to get away from work and just focus on family and fun. If you aren’t that into decorating, that is okay, but do try and add a little cheer to your home each season. And don’t forget the gifts!